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Your child’s jaw may be affecting their health!

An underdeveloped jaw can bring on a number of other health complications such as sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint disorder… Here at Cortés Advanced Dentistry we are passionate about ensuring dental health from a young age. By starting dental treatment at a young age we can reduce the number of issues that come back to […]

Kid Care Beyond Baby Teeth

No tooth gets more attention than baby’s first one–and no tooth more important when considering good oral health for the rest of your child’s life. It is crucial to take early care of baby teeth and gums. By teaching good habits from the very beginning, and with regular visits to the dentist, you give your […]

Pureed snacks may be bad for your child’s teeth

They’re appealing for their convenience, but they may be harming your child’s teeth… We live in a world that is dominated by need and convenience, and there is no better example of this than squeeze pouches full of pureed food. It is understandable that the last thing a busy parent wants to do is cook […]

Protect your infant from baby bottle tooth decay

Yes, it’s true – even your infant can be vulnerable to tooth decay Thought your baby was safe from developing tooth decay because their teeth haven’t erupted yet? Think again – your baby’s teeth are still very prone to tooth decay, especially if fed sugary drinks regularly! Tooth decay in infants and young children is […]

Letting your children ‘graze’ on sweets this holiday season may cause tooth decay!

With the Christmas season approaching, it is important to remember the health of your teeth The holiday season is here and all the sweet temptations that come along with it! Sugary treats have been found to be the most damaging to oral health, especially in children and so if your child must have sweets and […]

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