Kid Care Beyond Baby Teeth

No tooth gets more attention than baby’s first one–and no tooth more important when considering good oral health for the rest of your child’s life.


It is crucial to take early care of baby teeth and gums. By teaching good habits from the very beginning, and with regular visits to the dentist, you give your children the gift of a great start on dental health.

Cortes Advanced Dentistry in Manhattan focuses on a holistic dental practice. That means we examine a patient’s overall health, no matter how young. Holistic dentistry advocates alternative treatments that avoid traditional toxic applications, making our methods safe for your young ones.

Here are five tips from Cortes Advanced Dentistry for a healthy, happy start:

1. Brush Baby’s teeth before they are there

Begin a good oral hygiene routine even before that first tooth pops up by gently swiping gums with clean gauze, or wash cloth moistened with warm water. First teeth typically come in at six months. Keeping up with care before baby teeth show up creates early awareness, and allows regular brushing habits to come more naturally.
Consult with Dr. Cortes based in Manhattan for any concerns or you have about the early stages of oral health care for your baby.

2. Avoid prolonged pacifier use.

Infants and toddlers suck as a natural reflex, it soothes and comforts babies. However, studies show that prolonged sucking habits can result in pushed out front teeth, slanted bottom teeth, and causes the upper and lower jaws to become misaligned.
At Cortes Advanced Dentistry we provide only top-tier treatment in Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ ) Dysfunction. TMJ Dysfunction relates to any condition that compromises one’s bite, ability to chew, swallow, even breathe! Give us a call at Cortes Advanced Dentistry in Manhattan if you suspect your child may be suffering from early signs of TMJ Dysfunction.

3. Make brushing a blast!

It’s common that young kids resist brushing like they resist brussel sprouts. But they are more prone to participate if they think it’s a chance to play rather than a chore. Toddlers naturally mimic mom and dad, so play copy cat! Set her toothbrush out, and let your little one watch you happily brush your teeth. Make sure to exaggerate how fun it is, and she’ll likely want to join the good time getting her teeth clean too!
Dr. Martha Cortes wants to be part of the fun in educating your children about good dental health habits from the beginning by providing only the best in general dentistry for the whole family. Contact us today.

4. Don’t overdo it with toothpaste

Fluoride is necessary for fighting cavities. However, too much might harm baby teeth rather than help if too much is used. An excess amount of fluoride can cause white spots on adult teeth. Limit the amount of toothpaste to a pea-size dollop, and do not allow kids under the age of six to use fluoride mouthwash unless directed by your dentist.

We create beautiful smiles here at Cortes Advanced Dentistry in Manhattan with our many methods in aesthetic dentistry. Our safe natural methods in aesthetic dentistry can help your kids smile ear to ear with confidence.

5. Start dentist visits very early

Schedule a visit to the family dentist or pedodontic as soon as that first tooth appears. Getting your child comfortable with regular dental visits will prevent yours from becoming that screaming kid on the waiting room floor. The American Dental Association strongly recommends a visit before their first birthday. Waiting until school starts, or until there’s an emergency sets them up for a traumatizing experience and unhappy trips to the dentist in the future.

Come to Cortes Advanced Dentistry and we’ll welcome your family into our home office like you were our own. For more information about any of our services, please contact us at our Manhattan practice.






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