Letting your children ‘graze’ on sweets this holiday season may cause tooth decay!

With the Christmas season approaching, it is important to remember the health of your teeth

The holiday season is here and all the sweet temptations that come along with it! Sugary treats have been found to be the most damaging to oral health, especially in children and so if your child must have sweets and treats (who doesn’t over the holidays?), it is actually better for their dental health if they eat their candy all at once rather than over a few days!

Why it is best to steer clear of sugar…

If a child savours a treat over a period of a few days or even a week, it is much more detrimental to their oral health than them consuming it all at once! This is because the longer the teeth are subjected to sugary foods; the more prone they become to tooth decay. At Cortes Advanced Dentistry in Manhattan one of our primary focuses is children’s dentistry, and the health of your child’s teeth.

Make sure your child maintains their oral health routine…

The holidays are the perfect time for children to ‘forget’ to brush their teeth; with the excitement of presents, candies and play dates, sometimes it can all be a bit much for them to have to clean their teeth. That is why we at Cortes Advanced Dentistry have come up with some tips to help get them brushing:
• Make brushing time fun! To help your child enjoy brushing their teeth, why not turn on their favorite song.
• If your child is too tired to brush their teeth before bedtime, choose another time to brush.
• If your child does not like the taste of their toothpaste, try a few different brands. Make sure they contain fluoride.
For more information on children’s dentistry or to book an appointment at our Manhattan dental practice, please contact us.


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