Protect your infant from baby bottle tooth decay

Yes, it’s true – even your infant can be vulnerable to tooth decay


Thought your baby was safe from developing tooth decay because their teeth haven’t erupted yet? Think again – your baby’s teeth are still very prone to tooth decay, especially if fed sugary drinks regularly!

Tooth decay in infants and young children is often referred to as baby bottle tooth decay, since it generally occurs due to the child being fed juices, milks and formula through the bottle. These sugary drinks remain on the child’s teeth for long periods of time, allowing bacteria to thrive on these sugars – resulting in tooth decay. At Cortes Advanced Dentistry in Manhattan, we understand how important dental care is, even while your child has no teeth!

Why your infant’s primary teeth are so important…

It is a common misconception that baby teeth do not need to be as strictly cleaned and maintained because they will eventually be lost. This could not be more wrong, as primary teeth are vital for the development of your child’s basic fundamental actions such as speaking, chewing and smiling. They also serve as placeholders for adult teeth to erupt, so they can be guided to correct positioning. If baby bottle tooth decay is left untreated, your child could be significantly affected and develop poor eating habits, speech problems, unaligned or crooked teeth and damaged adult teeth.

Help prevent baby bottle tooth decay…

Implement optimal oral hygiene for your baby early so you can ensure they experience the best start in life with beautiful, healthy teeth. Keep decay at bay for your infant by:

  • Wiping your child’s gums with clean gauze after every feed.
  • When your child’s first tooth erupts, bring them our expert dental professionals for a comprehensive examination to ensure their teeth are developing properly and any issues are detected early. This is also the best time to begin brushing your child’s teeth.
  • Continue cleaning and massaging gums in the areas without teeth.
  • Do not feed your child soft drinks or sugary water.
  • Never put your child to bed with a drink other than water.
  • Do not dip their pacifier in anything sweet.

At Cortes Advanced Dentistry we can help…

Do not let your child be denied the best start in life by ignoring their poor oral health condition. At Cortes Advanced Dentistry we are focused on Children’s Dentistry, and ensure your child’s first visit to our friendly dental practice in Manhattan is fun and enjoyable. We help to familiarise your child with good dental health habits early so they can retain a good relationships with dental professionals for the rest of their lives.

Gain the best in children’s dental care with Dr. Martha Cortes, a dentist who really cares about your child’s dental health and future development. Ensure your baby’s teeth are healthy from the very start to prevent more substantial dental issues from forming later in life.

For more information on baby bottle tooth decay or to book an appointment at our Manhattan dental practice, please contact us.

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