Pureed snacks may be bad for your child’s teeth

They’re appealing for their convenience, but they may be harming your child’s teeth…


We live in a world that is dominated by need and convenience, and there is no better example of this than squeeze pouches full of pureed food. It is understandable that the last thing a busy parent wants to do is cook their child lunch while they are out and about. They need an easy option that is going to be eaten without fuss for their child, makes no mess and is simple to dispose of.

So what is the downside to these snacks? They are full of sugars that can be detrimental to your child’s oral health. The longer a child’s mouth is subjected to sugary foods and beverages (such as milk or juice), the more likely they are to develop tooth decay even if their teeth have not yet erupted.

So what should you feed your children for optimal oral health?

A balanced diet is imperative to the development of your child’s mouth and overall body. Generally, foods that provide good nutrition are often good for teeth as well. To ensure your child’s teeth develop properly and healthily, try:

  • Abstaining from giving them snacks and drinks that contain high levels of sugar, as well as foods that incline to stick to the teeth – this will help to significantly lower their risk of tooth decay.
  • Giving your child foods that are high in protein, such as cheese which provides protection from decay.
  • If they are thirsty, give them water – it is the best possible drink you can give them to wash away excess bacteria.

Clean their teeth every day…

Your child needs your help to remove plaque and excess bacteria as they are too young to do it properly themselves. At Cortes Advanced Dentistry in Manhattan, we recommend beginning to brush and floss your child’s teeth as soon as their first tooth erupts. Give your child the best start in life by teaching them healthy oral health routines from an early age. Brush their teeth twice daily, with a special children’s toothbrush with soft bristles, use a pea-sized amount of children’s toothpaste containing fluoride, and most importantly – make it fun!

Bring your child in to our dental practice…

We strongly recommend bringing your child to visit our Manhattan dental practice when your child’s first tooth erupts or by their second birthday, whichever comes first. By bringing them in to our dental practice from an early age, we are able to form a positive relationship with your child that can help them shape good dental health routines for life.

At Cortes Advanced Dentistry, we want the best for your child, and that means providing high quality dental treatments to ensure your child’s oral health. We believe in supplying the best in holistic dentistry by utilizing treatments that best benefit your child without using potentially harmful chemicals such as amalgam. We utilize natural substances, so we can protect the health and integrity of your child’s smile while simultaneously protecting the natural balance in their body.

To discover more about how you can protect the oral health of your child, or to book an appointment at our Manhattan dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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